Austin's 6 Month Pictures


We took Austin to Sears on Saturday November 2 to get his 6 month photos done.  We saw some of their Holiday backgrounds and props and thought we'd try some Christmas Photos too.  We weren't very pleased with the results, but since they were pictures of Austin, how bad could they be? We're going to continue taking him to the Picture People from now on for his monthly Pictures and to get other Christmas Photos done for our Christmas cards.  The one of him in his Christmas sweater with his moose and the one with the basket of leaves are our favorites.


Austin's Christmas Outfit & his Christmas Moose (the hat isn't ours, its a prop)


                           Austin's Fall Hat (Daddy hates it)    Austin's Official 6 Month Photo with a Fall theme


Austin in the snow with his polar bear (the hat & scarf are props and not the ones we asked for)


Updated: November 3, 2002