Sunday April 20, 2003

Grandpa Jones and Auntie Kayla came down from Victoria, British Columbia to spend Easter Weekend with Mom, Dad & me!  Well they really only came to see me, but Mom & Dad were here too! :) 

Grandpa helped Mom & Dad get some work done on the house (Daddy got a new Air Conditioning system that they had to do some prep work for), and got lots of gardening done too.  I got to spend lots of time playing outside with Auntie Kayla.  She took me for rides in my car, played ball with me, and watched Veggie Tales with me - we had so much fun!  That's mostly what we did on Friday and Saturday. 

On Easter Sunday, we went to the 2nd service at church - boy was it packed!  Pastor Andy said that throughout the 3 services they had that day there were about 1200 people there!  Wow!  I sat with Mom, Dad, Grandpa & Auntie throughout the singing and half of the service, but then I got restless.  Mom & I went out into the lobby to watch the service on the TV's so that she could listen and I could run & play.  While we were out there we met another Mom & her daughter, Savannah.  Savannah is 2 months older than me so we had a ton of fun playing.  We all had lots in common too.  They live in Grand Oaks (the community in town that has the floor plans of the home that Mom & Dad want to build about 4 years from now! - Those homes are amazing!).  They go to Water Babies, but on a different day from us.  Savannah is a picky eater like me!  She still nurses with Mommy and only picks at foods.  - And Savannah does Baby Signs - sign language!  Some of the signs are a bit different from the adult signs, only because our little fingers can't work all that well yet, but most signs are the same.  It's a great way for us to be able to communicate to our parents since our vocabularies aren't that developed yet.  Mom, Dad & I have been working on Baby Signs lately and I've just started to use the Hungry sign.  It was so fun to meet someone else who does the same stuff that our family does. 


So after church was over, we stopped in the courtyard and had some fruit salad, cookies, donuts, juice and coffee (well not me, just the grownups), and then headed off for lunch.  We went to McGrath's Fish House for brunch because they have a nice buffet that Daddy likes.  I had a little bit of muffin, some fruit and then I took turns walking around with everyone until it was time to leave.  Grandpa & I played a bit in the parking lot (see 2 pictures above) before we got in the car.  When we went home we opened up Easter Baskets.  Mom did up baskets for everyone!  I opened (and bent!) my cards, then chewed on everything in my basket.  I got a Bunnykins bowl & picture album from Nana & Papa, and some books, some Little People Easter guys, a rattle, some soap, a bunny, and a duck from Mom & Daddy.  Daddy, Auntie Kayla & Grandpa mostly got candy. :) 

I had Chicken, Noodles and Carrots for dinner.  I didn't like any of it.  I got to wear a new bib and get it nice and dirty though.  It says 'Baby's First Easter'.  I fed most of my dinner to the cats, and then dumped the rest on the floor and highchair.