9 Months!

We went to Picture People today!

Last week was a sad week for us.  My Great - Great Grandma died.  She would have turned 104 on July 3!  She was a very special and wonderful Grandma, and we all love her lots.  She passed away on January 26 and her memorial service was Friday January 31 up in the Carnation/North Bend/Snoqualmie area (Mom can't remember what the exact area is called - It's about 45 minutes east of Seattle/Tacoma).  We went to her funeral, and Daddy was a pallbearer.  It was sad for Daddy too cause his Daddy is buried at the same place Grandma was being buried.  Poor Daddy & Grandma.

We did have some happy times on our trip though cause we got to spend time with uncle Daniel, Brian, Robert & Brenden, Aunt Catherine, and Grandma & Grandpa, and Great Grandma & Grandpa Burnside, and lots of other family members - even though it was a sad trip, we were glad to see them.  Another special person we got to see was Nana Ruth!  She drove down for 2 days to come visit with us.  We all stayed in the Shilo Inns in Tacoma (where Mommy & her family used to stay every summer) and I got to go swimming in the hotel pool. I love swimming.  We haven't got the pictures developed from me swimming yet though.

January 28 - I had my well baby doctor visit.  Dr. Barrett thinks I'm a big, healthy boy.  He wanted to take me home with him!  Dr. Dan Barrett is our family doctor, and he and his family go to our church too!  Mommy likes taking me there better than to my pediatrician because Dr. Dan follows along better with Attachment Parenting (the type of parenting Mom & Dad like).  Anyways, I am 31 Inches tall and just over 21 pounds.  I didn't have to get any shots, but I did have to get my hemoglobin test done just to make sure my iron levels are ok - which of course they are (I'm perfect!). I didn't even cry when I got my finger poked for my iron test, so I got Tigger stickers for that.  The doctor couldn't believe how big I was since I'm still all breastfed.  He said Mommy was doing a good job feeding me.  He poked around at my tummy though (I have a few rolls), so I had to play with my fat rolls too.  Mommy & Dr. Dan laughed at me for doing that.

February 2 - We found homes for the kitties.  Mom is pretty sad about that.  I'm still happy cause I have Runtie, Madison, Patchie & the little one to play with.  Runtie is the best though cause he's so fluffy (he's a long haired kitty). Spike, Mercedes, Bandit and Maguire all found good homes, in fact Bandit & Maguire went to the same home so at least they won't get lonely.  Daddy was happy and sad.  He loved the kitties but they were getting expensive and Daddy is not fond of cleaning the kitty litter box so often.  We'll miss them - but Mom got lots of pictures to remember them. We still need to put pictures up of Munchkin (the office kitty), Madison (Dum-Dum), Mumford & McFinn (the outside kitties), Patchie (my kitty), Runtie (Daddy's kitty) & Little one (the baby) and the other kitties we had earlier that found homes. We'll add those soon.


Baby Bandit & Spike
Mom & Bandit, Bandit, Maguire
Maguire, Spike & Little One

February 3 - Mom & Dad tried to feed me applesauce, but I'm much happier being breastfed. The apple sauce was not very sweet and it made my cheeks pucker up.  I do not like apple sauce.

February 4 - Mom & I went to the park for the afternoon.  We played on the slide, in the tunnel slide, on the swinging bridge, the swings and the bouncy dinosaur.  We had so much fun.


February 5 - Dad came to the park with me and we played in the tunnel slide.



February 6 - Mom & Dad tried to feed me peaches, they were sweeter than the apples, but I don't like the way they feel on my tongue.  I had to scrape the food off with my lip and hand.  Yuck.  It was better than the applesauce though at least.




Mom & I start our Water Babies class on Monday February 10, so we're both excited.  Nana Ruth bought me a new swimsuit too (Tommy Hilfiger!!) when we went shopping with her at Nordstrom last week.  Mom & I are still going to the indoor park and I love playing with the girls there.  Dad says I'm a flirt (whatever that means).  Mom & I are thinking of going to Gymboree classes, but Mom's hesitant cause they're an hour away.  Mom did find a few other Mommies around here that are going to start up bible studies and playgroups, so that'll be fun for me too. 

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