Born: April 27, 2002


Born:  May 9, 2004




Welcome to our family website.  It's where Mom puts all our family pictures & activities, so that we can keep everyone up to date on us.  That's me, Austin, and my new baby brother Hunter, in all the pictures. 

On our webpage you can find all sorts of stuff about our family, friends and of course - Hunter & Me!. 

The 'Family' page has information about all of 4 of us, along with photo's and updates on our extended family members as well. 

The 'Current Events' page is what Mom, Dad, Hunter & I have been up to lately and our latest adventure photos.

At the top of the page, we will have temporary links to any new photos and pages that we have put up.

Then we have Hunter & my individual pages:

The 'About Hunter & About Austin' pages tell about both of whole birth stories and beyond.

 The 'Pictures' pages have all our photos and links to the different photo albums we have.

The 'Milestones' pages have the latest developments of Hunter & I, from weight, height, physical developments and new skills. 

Our Daddy is Ethan and his company hosts our website, he made us put a link on the bottom of this page.  It's pretty neat though.  Our Mama is Charissa and she's helping us with this website.  It's our first one, so if we make mistakes Daddy is there to help us!  
We really hope you like our family webpage. 
God Bless You!

Daddy's Website:

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