Holy smokes, it's been a LONG time since we've made any real updates to the website.  Oops...   We're all good, busy but good. 

Hunter's learning new words everyday and copying everything big brother does.  His favorite activity is riding his new bike from Christmas.  He's been taking Water Babies at TAC with Mom and just loves the water.  We're looking into some other activities to start for him as well. 

Austin is talking up a storm, always.  He's such a spirited, active 'big boy'.  He loves going to Awana Cubbies every week, and is learning so much.  We've started a very laid back home school preschool with him, and his latest love for learning is letters (he wants to read) and Muzzy (French curriculum).  Soon he will be starting Piano (!!!) and we're still narrowing down what other activities we can manage (he'd like to take Kindermusik, gymnastics, soccer, swim, and karate but Mom can't keep up with that!). 

We're expecting a baby girl on Austin's birthday, or sometime the end of April.  We've planned another homebirth, since Hunter's birth was so perfect.  Mom is suffering from RLS and iron deficiency anemia but otherwise is hanging in there.  Fatigue is the biggest problem trying to keep up with 2 boys, take classes at OSU (almost straight A's too, might I add!), be chairperson of a local board AND be pregnant.  Midwife wants to test for hypoglycemia as well, but baby is doing great, growing big and very active. 

Ethan is keeping busy with work, busier than usual since one of the employees now works from the Midwest.  He has new help coming in 3x a week though, so hopefully things will be less stressful on him, so he can get a chance to spend time with the family and play with all his new video games from Christmas! Not much else to report as all he seems to have time for is work, squeezing in family, and sleep - poor Daddy. 

We have tons and tons of photos that need to be resized and edited before we add them to the webpage, but we will work on it when we get a chance (ha!) so hopefully more photos will be up soon.  This is the most recent photo we have, taken last week at a local park.  All of the area underwater is from the flooding with the non-stop raining that filled our rivers up.  Usually there is a parking lot and baseball fields in place of the water!  Note the folks taking their kayak into the water - hehe.  Austin just loved being down there, and ended up playing fetch with some crazy dog who was more than willing to run into the water. 


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