We had Swim Class this morning at 9:30am and we were supposed to be getting our underwater and last class in pool pictures back today, but Sarah forgot to pick them up, so we'll get them on Wednesday.  After swim class we headed down to Eugene for Gym Walkers class at Gymboree Play & Music.   We worked on Hand & Eye coordination today.  Teacher Emily was very impressed with my Cause & Effect skills as well as my Hand & Eye coordination, and motor planning skills.  I also invented new activities for us to do too, which she thought was great.  Teacher Julie gave us the items we made at Made by Me at Gymboree last week.  They look cute.  We had made a Apron, Tile and a tote bag.  Those are my gifts for Mom for Mothers Day.  Daddy & I already picked out her cards too! I'll get Mom to take some photos of them later to put on here for everyone to see.  After Gym Walkers, we went to the mall to buy a birthday present for one of Mom's friends, and we ended up getting a few clothing items for me on sale too!  I napped a bit on the way home, but not enough.  Now Mom & I are just going to do some housework and play for the rest of the day until Daddy gets off work, then we can have dinner, play and watch movies!



Today we went to Portland to the Children's Museum!  I had a lot of fun there.  There was tons to see and do.  They had a building area with giant Lego's, rocks and trucks that we spent lots of time in.  They had a kid sized grocery store that was a lot of fun too - I carried the Banana around a lot.  They also had a story land area like out of a fairy tale story, a dentist and doctors office (I crawled up the alligator chair to take his teeth out!).  Then we went over to Me & My Shadow to learn about different lighting, I liked turning the stoplights off and on.  We went into the mirror maze where I got to see 100 or more of myself which is great since I'm my own biggest fan in the mirror anyways! :)  Mom & Dad took me over to the music area where I got to try lots of different musical instruments.  I played in the 'Who Lives Here' area for a while, but there were lots of rowdy kids there so we went back to the building area.  Mom didn't think it was such a great idea to go to the clay building place since she said I'd eat most of it so we skipped that exhibit.  We splashed in the Water Works for a while too.  There were a few birthday parties there with lots of out of control kids (and apparently no adult supervision), so we kind of went to whichever exhibit had the least kids and made our way around that way.  We played in the Baby Garden for a while with the Bead Mazes, until I figured out how to work the gate to the door and escaped! :)  I'd love to go back again, hopefully next time we go it won't be so busy though. 

After spending about 3 or more hours in the Children's Museum we went to Washington Square Mall to walk around a bit.  We went into Build a Bear, but we didn't find a new outfit for my Sparkle yet.  Sparkle is the Bear Mom, Dad & I built when I was 2 months old for the 4th of July.  We walked around the mall a bit.  Dad broke a candle in Pottery Barn, so we had to buy a hideous turquoise candle thanks to him! :)  Silly Daddy.  Mom looked for some clothes for me but didn't see anything special.  We tried to find Mama some sandals in Nordstrom but she couldn't find anything.  She did get her rings cleaned though.  We went in the Disney store and played with the toys there, and bought a Americana Mickey Antenna Ball topper though.  Our shopping trip was kind of a bust, so we decided to go to dinner.  Mom loves Olive Garden so that's where we went.  I tried Alfredo sauce for the first time and I love it!  Mom & Dad let me lick it off the breadsticks, since the breadsticks taste boring by themselves.  Dad let me have some spaghetti too, so by the time we left we were all stained with sauce.  :)  We had a really good day and I fell asleep on the way home.  I hope Mom & Dad let me have more day outings like this again. 

I had a Well Baby doctor visit today.  We went to a new pediatrician, because Mom wanted a more pro -  Attachment Parenting/Breastfeeding pediatrician for us.  Daddy came with us to this visit because he wanted to meet our new doctor too.  Her name is Dr. Carolina Amador.  She's fairly young and very nice!  Mom heard about her from some of the other Mom's at La Leche League.  We all really like her and will definitely go back.  I only got one shot today because Mom doesn't want me to get the Varicella shot and she wants to hold off on the MMR until I'm older, or possibly not do it at all.  I took a super long nap after the doctors office visit today.  Probably a combination of the shot reaction and the fact that I still have a bit of the cold Auntie Kayla gave me.  I fell asleep on the way home from the doctor about 10:30 and slept until 4:15!!!  That's not normal for me to sleep more than 2 hours for a nap.  I did wake up a few times to nurse but then kept on sleeping.  Mom did lots of work on my website while I was napping though cause I wanted to sleep in her arms.  I helped Mom do some laundry when I woke up though. 



We went to the Indoor Park playgroup this morning with Erin & Natalie.  There were only 2 other kids there besides us though.  We still had lots of fun.  We went over to Erin & Natalie's house in Philomath afterwards and I got to play with all her fun toys!  She has a climbing structure that I just love!  We played for a long time until the both of us were ready for food & naps.  We went to Dairy Queen for lunch and I had a little bit of French Fry and a Goldfish cracker and then I was ready to sleep so I got a bit fussy.   I fell asleep on the way home in the car.  After a nice nap Mom & I decided to play outside since it was so warm & sunny.  We went for rides in my wagon, read magazines on the front lawn, blew bubbles, played with my lawnmower, made sandcastles in my new turtle sandbox, and set up my new outside foam mats (so I don't get hurt if I fall) and played on there for a while.  It was really warm outside so after playing outside for a while I got sleepy.  I took a nap while Mom & Dad had dinner and watched TV & movies.  There's lots of pictures of me from today on my 1 Year Old page.

Swim 9:30am
Gymboree Quarter Notes 11:45am
Gymboree Open Gym 12:30pm
Gymboree Made by Me 1:00pm
Afternoon Nap


Nana & Auntie Kayla leave
Played with new toys
Wore new birthday outfit from Nana & Papa
Opened a few presents
Watched TV & movies with Dad & Mom

Swim 9:30

Gym Walkers 12:15

Marie Callendar's Lunch

Valley River Center Shopping
Rode toy in mall (picture)
New outfit in Gymboree Clothing & watched TV
New clothes & jammies & socks
New blocks & Lowly Worm car - Toy Store
Mom got some new clothes at Gap & Penneys

Target Shopping
New Wagon
New foam mats for outdoor playing

AppleBee's Dinner

Fell asleep with Mom on way home in car




Brunch at Lyon's with Daddy's family

Set up sandbox


Play outside

Open gifts




Got Party Food Ready

Decorated Kitchen a bit

Blew up helium balloons

Took a nap on sofa

Got dressed for party

Set up presents in living room

2:00 Guests Arrived
John & Dodie called to say they couldn't come
Nana & Auntie Kayla (already staying with us)
Bryce & Liz
McElligott family
Erin, Neil & Natalie
Uncle Dan

Shrinking Burgers

Opened Gifts

Cake & Ice Cream

More gifts

Chatted while I napped

More present opening




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