We yet again have neglected to update the family website, and figured it was due time.  The boys and I have had a busy month with various activities, meetings and appointments, so lots of photos have stacked up.  I'm sure as soon as baby sister Kiara decides to make her arrival we will yet again have a bunch of photos looming over our heads to add to the page.  The boys don't seem to want to give Mom a moments rest these days, so this will be quite brief, but better than nothing!

Baby sister is due anytime now.  We were given 2 due dates (April 22nd and Austin's birthday April 27th).  Since the boys were each a couple days 'overdue', we're not too impatient about her arriving anytime soon.  The boys are looking forward to a sister, and Austin just loves all the pink stuff, while Hunter enjoys wearing the baby hairbands when no one is looking.  We're planning another homebirth, so everything is all set and ready to go, we're just waiting on her to decide her birthday now. 

On Monday April 10th, the boys & I went to a MOMS club Easter party and egg hunt.  While Hunter didn't care much for the egg hunt, he sure took a liking to the families bunny rabbit! 

On Saturday April 15th, even in the Oregon rain the boys and I went to the local egg hunt at the park.  Daddy was very upset that he had to miss out on the hunt (server down!), but since it was so windy, cold and rainy we didn't stay long anyways.  The boys had a ton of fun opening all their eggs at Daddy's office though (and loading up on sweets).  They had a prize drawing that day, and we just found out that Austin was the grand winner of 3 DVDs from the Christian Bookstore! 

On Easter Sunday, we all went to church service and then returned home to let the boys open their Easter baskets.  We skipped out on the home egg hunt this year because the boys partook in 3 egg hunts this year and needed no more sweets, so they had a blast with their basket goodies instead.  The bubbles were the biggest hit.

On Thursday April 20th the boys went bowling with their MOMS club playgroup.  Austin was so excited when he knocked the pins down.  I managed to catch a photo of him midst celebratory jog. 


On Friday April 21st, Ethan & I took the boys up to the Oregon Zoo in Portland for an early birthday outing.  Since we didn't do a big birthday party for the boys this year (a bit pressed to plan 2 birthday parties around the birth of a sister...), we decided to do something fun the boys liked as a family 'party' day instead.  After the zoo we met with some friends at Papa's Pizza for dinner.  Natalie is Austin's favorite female friend, so he was super excited to see her. 

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