Harvest Time!

The kids & I decided to decorate the porch a little bit for autumn.  I made the wreath on the door with material Austin chose out.  The boys chose the leaves hanging up.  Hunter painted the turkey Thanks sign, and there's a Harvest one hanging in our sidelight Austin did.  I painted the top pumpkin, then Hunter's then Austins.  And we added some flowers.  The kids had fun, and it looks more fall-ish around here.

The kids on the porch with BooBoo kitty.  Headed to the fire station open house!

Of course rainy season is upon us in Oregon. On our way to Austin's music class.

Yummy strawberries!  Love the sad look on Kiara's face cause she only has one, and Hunter has them all.

Disneyland September 2007

We went to Disneyland again this year.  The kids loved it. I am too tired tonight to add the pictures, but I will soon.  Here are 4 Disney pics for the moment. :)  Ethan has most of them on his camera though and I have no idea where that is.

Austin adores Buzz Lightyear, so this was a huge highlight for him. 

The kids playing on Tom Sawyer Island - or I guess it's called Pirates Lair for the moment cause of the new movie. 

Ready to leave the hotel for their first day in the park!

Yup - I spent a ton of money on a cute princess dress for her.  In my defense, Austin chose it cause he wanted her to be a princess, and the girl has zero dress up clothes and I bought 2T/3T so it'll fit a while.  LOL.  She loves the fluffy skirt on this dress.  Almost worth the $70 (or more?) I paid.  Oy.  I love her face here though!  This was breakfast at the Storyteller's Cafe in the Grand Californian hotel on our last day at Disney.


Our Goats

Elizabeth.  7 months old doe.  Austin's girlie.  Fullblood LaMancha. 

Gladdie.  Twin sister of Elizabeth.  Hunter's goat. 

Baby Girl belongs to our baby girl: Kiara.  9 month old doe Lamanch/Nubian cross breed.


Our Property: 3766 SE Kiger Island Drive


As you may know, we're in the process of clearing our 6 acre lot to build our home.  It's a wreck right now.  Almost 40 years of messy old man clutter piled sky high everywhere.  We're tossing, recycling, selling and most fun - Burning! 

Here's a few (it takes forever to edit & load these, so I hand picked a few, and will likely add a bunch more to our Mac blog/website once my stupid laptop cord gets fixed).  I took down the quality resolution a tad to keep the pictures a good size to see our destruction.  :)  This will probably load slow - sorry.

October 6 & & Weekend

Kids playing while Ethan & I burn/work

It's Beaver game day in Corvallis - gotta sport some Beaver Pride!  The Rissa vehicle amongst our jumk.  That's the lovely trailer in the background there.  Anyone want it?  It's free. 

The pile of garbage we've been collecting (crap we can't burn), ready for a dumpster.  Behind is the old ostrich stalls, now housing our goats.  On the top right you can see the greenhouse too a bit. 

This is Ethan's beast.  He decided it'd be cheaper to buy this and haul crap ourselves (junk we can't put in the expedition or our cars).  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Runs awful now.  He's ready to sell it and the accord and get a new (ish 05 or so) truck.  :)  But it gets the job done in the meantime. 

October 13 & 14 Weekend

A rough idea of the discusting mess.  This is a 2 car garage/workshop/barn thingy.  And this is after we've cleaned 1/3 of the stuff out. I have before pictures somewhere.  Oh and there's a 2nd story in this dump!

Onto the BURNING!  The goats and fire is the only fun thing out there right now, sadly.

Saturday night I started getting bored of small fire piles, and decided to light this wooden shed that the guy used to use for a strawberry 'station' on fire. This is it just lighting up.  It's about 8 or more feet tall.  Hard to tell in the pics, but it's a good size, and sorely overgrown. Ethan was thrilled (sarcasm) that I lit this up, but then Sunday he got the itch to start lighting bigger piles too - see below. 

Here it really lit up nice:

Then the roof caved in on itself:

Sunday October 14.

We were chopping down weeds near where I burned down the berry house thing, and found (not kidding) another full size shed under the blackberries!  We've been out there for a month now and had no idea it was there! So let's start a fire near it and see what happens. That thing is about 9 feet tall, maybe more, with berries on top of it. 

Uh - that thing lit up so fast:

And then proceeded to explode:

Twice actually.  Kinda scary. It caught our huge (30ft?) tree on fire, which thankfully we saved. 

Then after it simmered down, we decided to burn down this tree that was between the shed and berry house.  It's probably 20 feet tall, maybe more? 

That's our classy trailer in the background.  I'd love to torch that thing - it's just a wreck.  We did get the tree to topple over.  Haven't taken pictures of that yet. 



















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